Past Chapter Officers


 This page is dedicated to all of those who were officers in the past years of the Salem and McCook Central FFA Chapter.  We will be doing this list in descending order of the years.  If you notice years where we have officers names and no offices this is because we were unable to attain this information, if you can assist us in any way we would appreciated it very much.  Some years we are missing officers also, again any assistance would be appreciated.  THIS PAGE WILL BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR SOME TIME.



President                            Matt Eichacker
Vice-President                   Beth Mayrose
Secretary                           Chelsea Hiemstra
Treasurer                           Clayton Wobig
Reporter                            Christina Tucker
Sentinel                              Karen Knudsen
St. Advisor                         Matt Nelson
Historian                             Lynze Wobig
Chaplain                             Shelby Schrank
Parliamentarian                   Adam Frendrich



President                            Brittany Gassman
Vice-President                    Darin Schroeder
Secretary                           Bryce Rabenhorst
Treasurer                           Tonya Ernster
Reporter                            Kasie Lauck
Sentinel                              Erik Anderson
St. Advisor                         Clayton Wobig
Historian                             Shelby Schrank
Chaplain                             Jody Hoiten
Parliamentarian                   Matt Eichacker



President                           Brittany Gassman
Vice-President                   Kyle Veurink
Secretary                           Beau McGregor
Treasurer                           Darin Schroeder
Reporter                            Tonya Ernster
Sentinel                              Bryce Rabenhorst
St. Advisor                        Taylor Osterberg
Historian                            Katie Lauck
Chaplain                            Kasie Lauck
Parliamentarian                  Courtnee Spaans


President                              Paul Westhoff
Vice -President                    Beau McGregor
Secretary                             Maria Skoglund
Treasurer                             Brian Gottlob
Reporter                             Alicia Reif
Sentinel                               Tyler Kelly
St. Advisor                          Tandi Shape
Historian                              Carl Wobig
Chaplain                              Traci Osterberg
Parliamentarian                    TJ Amdahl


President                                Jordan Krueger
Vice-President                       Paul Westhoff
Secretary                               Brian Gottlob
Treasurer                               Tandi Shape
Reporter                                Maria Skoglund
Sentinel                                  Kyle Zulk
St. Advisor                            TJ Amdahl
Historian                                Amy Giesler
Parliamentarian                       Ryan DeMent
Chaplain                                 Traci Osterberg


President                                Devin Myren
Vice-President                       Jordan Krueger
Secretary                               Jolene Tuschen
Treasurer                               Audrey Schroeder
Reporter                                Tandi Shape
Sentinel                                  Kelli Matthies
St. Advisor                            Ashley Tuschen
Historian                                Maria Skoglund
Parliamentarian                       Tyler Kelley
Chaplain                                 Kyle Zulk


President                                Jennifer Wubben
Vice-President                          Kerry Roling
Secretary                                  Molly Fendrich
Treasurer                                 Audrey Schroeder
Reporter                                  Eliott Myren
Sentinel                                    John Harvey
St. Advisor                              Jennifer Harvey
Historian                                  Devin Myren
Parliamentarian                        Lisa Chase
Chaplain                                  Kelli Matthies


President                                   Ashley Streff
Vice President                           Molly Fendrich
Secretary                                   Jena Rabenhorst
Treasurer                                   Lori Rotert
Reporter                                    Jessi Zelmer
Sentinel                                      Drew Peterson
St. Advisor                                Jennifer Wubben
Historian                                    Kerry Roling
Parliamentarian                          Abby Ernster
Chaplain                                    Kelly Wubben


President                                   Brandi Casanova
Vice President                           Ashley Streff
Secretary                                   RJ Shape
Treasurer                                   Darrin Eichacker
Reporter                                    Jena Rabenhorst
Sentinel                                      Josh Blindert
St. Advisor                                Tami Sherman
Historian                                    Allison Demaray
Parliamentarian                           Leslie McCormick
Chaplain                                     Zach Anderson


President                            Jenni Schock
Vice President                    Darrin Eichacker
Secretary                            Jasten White
Treasurer                            Mike Gottlob
Reporter                             Tami Sherman
Sentinel                               Josh Blindert
St. Advisor                         RJ Shape
Historian                            Ashley Streff
Parliamentarian                   Brandi Casanova
Chaplain                             Jessica Meyer           

President                            Sandi Shape
Vice - President                 Brad Bies
Secretary                           Kristin Kuhl
Treasurer                           Jeremy White
Reporter                            Jenni Schock
Sentinel                              Mike Gottlob
St. Advisor                        Miranda Tjaden
Historian                            Kristy Roling


President                            Melissa Eichacker
Vice-President                   Tom Chase
Secretary                           Brad Bies
Treasurer                           Megan Gregg
Reporter                            Kristin Kuhl
Sentinel                              Jessica Mehlbrech
St. Advisor                        Amanda Streff
Historian                            Sandi Shape
Parliamentarian                   Kristin Norris
Chaplain                             Kristy Roling


President                             Scott Peterson
Vice-President                     Alison Gottlob
Secretary                             Brad Schock
Treasurer                             Kim Rieckman
Reporter                              Melissa Eichacker
Sentinel                                Brent Deters
Student Advisor                    Kent Peterson
Historian                              Megan Gregg
Parliamentarian                     Tom Chase
Chaplain                              Amanda Streff


President                            Nick Streff
Vice-President                    Mike Schock
Secretary                            Megan Koepsell
Treasurer                            Brad Schock
Reporter                             Alison Gottlob
Sentinel                               Scott Peterson
Student Advisor                  Brent Deters
Historian                             Kent Peterson
Parliamentarian                    Melissa Rieckman
Chaplain                              Tom Chase


President                            Barry Jacobson
Vice-President                   Marc Tuschen
Secretary                           Ben Butzke
Treasurer                           Brock Streff
Reporter                            Nick Streff
Sentinel                              Greg Roling               
Student Advisor                 Kandi Shape
Historian                            Mike Schock
Parliamentarian                  Christie Eichacker
Chaplain                            Tracy Morehead     


President                            Marc Tuschen
Vice-President                    John DeMent
Secretary                            Ben Butzke
Treasurer                            Adam Stiefvater
Reporter                             Brock Streff
Sentinel                               Evan Gough
St. Advisor                         Barry Jacobson
Historian                             Nick Streff
Parliamentarian                   Greg Roling
Chaplain                             Mike Schock


President                             Shane McGregor
Vice-President                    KC Gregg
Secretary                            Pam Gutzler
Treasurer                            Scott Gordon
Reporter                             Ben Butzke
Sentinel                               Evan Gough
St. Advisor                         Jerry Osterberg
Historian                             Marc Tuschen
Parliamentarian                   Brock Streff
Chaplain                             Ben Roling


President                             Owen Sandine
Vice-President                    Dean VanEmmerik
Secretary                            Scott Chase
Treasurer                            Pam Gutzler
Reporter                             KC Gregg
Sentinel                               Matt Heumiller
St. Advisor                         Ben Roling
Historian                             Shane McGregor
Parliamentarian                   Jerry Osterberg


President                            Perry Pearson
Vice-President                   Garron Williams
Secretary                            Kay Lauck
Treasurer                            Jeremy McGregor
Reporter                             Dawn Specht
Sentinel                               Scott Chase
St. Advisor                         Owen Sandine
Historian                             Barb Van Ormer
Parliamentarian                   Travis Stoffel


President                            Tim Matthaei
Vice-President                    Perry Pearson
Secretary                            Kay Lauck
Treasurer                            Garron Williams
Reporter                             Jason Reif
Sentinel                               John Pulse
St. Advisor                         Jeremy McGregor
Historian                             Owen Sandine
Parliamentarian                    Scott Chase


President                            Fred Butzke
Vice-President                    Tim Matthaei
Secretary                            Scott Huls
Treasurer                            Mark Lauck
Reporter                             Travis Watkins
Sentinel                               Troy Barnhouse
St. Advisor                          Jason Reif
Historian                             Jeremy McGregor
Parliamentarian                    Travis Schock


President                             Jason Lunders
Vice-President                    Fred Butzke
Secretary                            Brian Schock
Treasurer                            Todd Bies
Reporter                             Tim Matthaei
Sentinel                               Cory Reif
St. Advisor                         Travis Watkins
Historian                             Scott Huls
Parliamentarian                    Mark Lauck


President                             Kurt Bies
Vice-President                    Clyde Sandine
Secretary                            Jason Lunders
Treasurer                            Chad Krempges
Reporter                             Fred Butzke
Sentinel                               Cody Hensley
St. Advisor                         Thor Johnson
Historian                             Brian Schock
Parliamentarian                    Todd Bies


President                             Kevin Nelson
Vice-President                    Kurt Bies
Secretary                            Brian Gessner
Treasurer                            Paul Scheier
Reporter                             Roy Reif
Sentinel                              Clyde Sandine
St. Advisor                         Thor Johnson
Historian                             Mark Lampe
Parliamentarian                   Chad Krempges


President                             Mike Stiefvater
Vice-President                    Kevin Nelson
Secretary                            Brain Nelson
Treasurer                            Ron Weber
Reporter                             Mark Lampe
Sentinel                              Paul Scheier
St. Advisor                         Brian Gessner
Historian                             Calvin Luke


President                             Tom Randall
Vice-President                    Mike Stiefvater
Secretary                            Greg Eichacker
Treasurer                            Brian Nelson
Reporter                             Marty Gessner
Sentinel                              Brad Hillman
St. Advisor                         Mark Lampe


President                             Bryan Tuschen
Vice-President                    Tom Randall
Secretary                            Kurt Stiefvater
Treasurer                            Brad Hillman
Reporter                             Jimmy Tuschen
Sentinel                              Tim Randall
St. Advisor                        Greg Eichacker
Historian                            David Eich


President                             Paul Streff
Vice-President                    Brad Spaans
Secretary                            Donnie Tuschen
Treasurer                            Lyle Hetland
Reporter                             Leo Gannon
Sentinel                               Bjorn Johnson
St. Advisor                         Brian Skaff


President                            Curt Gray
Vice-President                    Tom Lauck
Secretary                            Calvin Sandine
Treasurer                            Donnie Tuschen
Reporter                             Leo Gannon
Sentinel                               Bjorn Johnson


 President                            Todd Tuschen
Vice-President                    Curt Gray
Secretary                            Denny Tuschen
Treasurer                            Tim Tuschen
Reporter                             Mark Weber
Sentinel                               Maloy Loof     


President                             Jeff Tuschen
Vice-President                    Myron Hofer
Secretary                            Ken Westhoff
Treasurer                            David Tuschen
Reporter                             Doug Lauck
Sentinel                               Todd Tuschen


President                             Ken Ernster
Vice-President                    Jeff Tuschen
Secretary                            Ken Streff
Treasurer                            Estelle Hofer
Reporter                             Jerry Eichacker
Sentinel                              Tracy Pulse
Historian                            Gloria Pulse


President                            Ronnie Pearson
Vice-President                    Ken Ernster
Secretary                           Craig Tuschen
Treasurer                           Ken Streff
Reporter                            Delvin Lubinus
Sentinel                              Jim Stiefvater


President                            Dan Lauck
Vice-President                    Ron Pearson
Secretary                            Eugene Streff
Treasurer                            Craig Tuschen
Reporter                             Ralph Tuschen
Sentinel                               Jeff Anderson


President                            Ken Koch
Vice-President                   Dan Lauck
Secretary                           Bill Eichacker
Treasurer                           Eugene Streff
Reporter                            Kip Wiley
Sentinel                              Mark Palmquist


President                            Steve Peterson
Vice-President                    Ken Koch
Secretary                            John Zingmark
Treasurer                            Bill Eichacker
Reporter                             Brad Hofwalt
Sentinel                               Ted Koch


President                             Kevin Peterson
Vice-President                    Steve Peterson
Secretary                            Dan Streff
Treasurer                            Brad Hofwalt
Reporter                             John Zingmark
Sentinel                              Bill Rotert


President                            Norm Peterson
Vice-President                    Kevin Peterson
Secretary                            Jeff Deters
Treasurer                            Dan Streff
Reporter                             Mike Eichacker
Sentinel                               Kevin Weber


President                             Terry Sabers
Vice-President                    Norm Peterson
Secretary                            Jim Osterberg
Treasurer                            Jerry Blindert
Reporter                             Mike Heumiller
Sentinel                               Ron Lauck


President                             Ken Lauck
Vice-President                    Dwayne VanEmmerik
Secretary                            Dean Koch
Treasurer                            Wayne Tuschen
Reporter                             Ron Lauck
Sentinel                               Jerry Blindert


President                              Orin Pearson
Vice-President                      Dean Koch
Secretary                              Wayne Tuschen
Treasurer                              Vern Wulff
Reporter                               Vince Weber
Sentinel                                 Craig Blindert


President                               Orin Pearson                            
Vice-President                       Rod Streff
Secretary                               Dave Skoglund
Treasurer                               Tom Rabenhorst
Reporter                                Don Lubinus
Sentinel                                  Jim Osterberg


President                               Rick Ecklein
Vice-President                       Rich Lauck
Secretary                               Gene Sandine
Treasurer                               Tom Pearson
Reporter                                Orin Pearson
Sentinel                                  Tom Rabenhorst


President                                 Randy Matzke
Vice-President                        Vernon Lind                   
Secretary                                Arlan Klingberg
Treasurer                                 Jerry Gause
Reporter                                  David Gough
Sentinel                                    Tom Pearson


President                                  Elroy Lauck
Vice-President                         Randy Matzke
Secretary                                 Vernon Lind
Treasurer                                 Arlan Klingberg
Reporter                                  Jerry Gause
Sentinel                                    Jim Anderson


President                                   Dale Klingberg
Vice-President                          Warren Osterberg
Secretary                                   Brad Schultz
Treasurer                                   Don Jacobson
Reporter                                    Elroy Lauck
Sentinel                                     Duane Schaefer


President                                    Rich Sandine
Vice-President                            Dwayne Jacobson
Secretary                                    Don Jacobson
Treasurer                                    Terry Knudson
Reporter                                     Ron Wulff
Sentinel                                       Warren Osterberg


President                                     Dwayne Jacobson
Vice-President                             Terry Knudson
Secretary                                     Warren Osterberg
Treasurer                                     Rich Sandine
Reporter                                      Rick Lubinus
Sentinel                                        Ron Wulff


President                                      Richard Lubinus
Vice-President                             Charles Skoglund
Secretary                                     Terry Knudsen
Treasurer                                      Larry Munzke
Reporter                                       Dennis Ecklein
Sentinel                                         Daniel Wulff


President                                       Charles Skoglund
Vice-President                               Ronald VanEmmerik
Secretary                                       Richard Lubinus
Treasurer                                       Richard Schaefer
Reporter                                        Dale Sandine
Sentinel                                         Dennis Ecklein


President                                      Sheldon Butzke
Vice-President                              Vearle Pearson
Secretary                                      Carmen Lind
Treasurer                                      Russell Tiezen
Reporter                                       Daryl Krumvieda
Sentinel                                         Dale Sandine


President                                     Wayne Koepsell
Vice-President                             Sheldon Butzke
Secretary                                     Daryl Krumvieda
Treasurer                                     Donald Knudson
Reporter                                      Russell Tieszen
Sentinel                                        Vearle Pearson


President                                     Donald Kirby
Vice-President                             Edward VanEmmerik
Secretary                                    Mike Brown
Treasurer                                    Richard Nelson
Reporter                                     Sheldon Butzke
Sentinel                                       Howard Hillman


President                                     Mike Brown
Vice-President                             Donald Kirby
Secretary                                    Wayne Koepsell
Treasurer                                     Richard Anderson
Reporter                                     Roger Anderson
Sentinel                                       Donald Grapes


President                                     Eugene Ratzlaff                 
Sentinel                                       Roland Peterson


President                                     Wayne Klingberg
Vice-President                             Allen Bies
Secretary                                     Eugene Ratzlaff
Treasurer                                     Daryl Pearson
Reporter                                      Darrell K.
Sentinel                                        Ron Sandine


President                                     Ron Sandine
Vice-President                            Wayne Klingberg
Secretary                                    Eugene Ratzlaff 
Treasurer                                    Dennis Gough
Reporter                                     Ronald Krumvieda
Sentinel                                       Daryl Pearson


President                                     Charles Gough
Vice-President                             John Anderson
Secretary                                    Ron Sandine
Treasurer                                     Ronald Triebwasser
Reporter                                     D. Kirby
Sentinel                                       Ronald Krumvieda


President                                     Dean Kirby
Vice-President                             Delmer Duerkson
Secretary                                     Wayne Weld
Treasurer                                     David Nelson
Reporter                                      Philip Raue
Sentinel                                        Howard Miller


President                                      Myron Tuschen
Vice-President                              Vernon Pearson
Secretary                                      Don Timmerman
Treasurer                                      Orville Triebwasser
Reporter                                       Donald Duerksen


President                                      Marty Wells
Vice-President                              James Forster
Secretary                                      Myron Tuschen
Treasurer                                      Emery Anderson
Reporter                                       Marlowe Anderson
Sentinel                                         Don Timmerman


President                                      Rodney Krull
Vice-President                              Raymond Chase
Secretary                                     James Forster
Treasurer                                     Jerry Capon
Reporter                                      Ertis Osterberg


President                                      Robert Sandberg
Vice-President                             Eugene Peterson
Secretary                                      Gerald Keefe
Treasurer                                      Emery Anderson
Reporter                                      Richard Dewey
Sentinel                                        Marvin Ackerman


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