FFA Official Dress   


Female Official DressFemale members are to wear a black skirt, white blouse with official FFA blue scarf, black shoes and officialMale Official Dress jacket zipped to the top. Black slacks may be worn for traveling and outdoor activities such as judging contests and camping.

Male members are to wear black slacks, white shirt, official FFA tie, black shoes, black socks and official jacket zipped to the top.
  Proper Use of the FFA Jacket:
The FFA jacket is the most recognizable symbol of the organization. As a member, one of your responsibilities is to ensure its proper use. Specific guidelines are outlined below.

    1. The jacket is to be worn only by members.

    2. The jacket should be kept clean and neat.

    3. The jacket should have only a large emblem on the back and a small emblem on the front. It should carry the name of the State Association and the name of the local chapter, district or area on the back and the name of the individual and one office or honor on the front.

    4. The jacket should be worn on official occasions with the zipper fastened to the top. The collar should be turned down and the cuffs buttoned.

    5. The jacket should be worn by members and officers on all official FFA occasions, as well as other occasions where the chapter or state association is represented. It may be worn to school and other appropriate places.
    6. The jacket should only be worn to places that are appropriate for members to visit.

    7. School letters and insignia of other organizations should not be attached to or worn on the jacket.

    8. When the jacket becomes faded and worn, it should be discarded or the emblems and lettering removed.

    9. The emblems and lettering should be removed if the jacket is given or sold to a non-member.

    10. A member always acts like a lady or gentleman when wearing the jacket.

    11. Members should refrain from use of tobacco and alcohol while wearing the FFA jacket or officially representing the organization.

    12. All chapter degree, officer and award medals should be worn beneath the name on the right side of the jacket, with the exception that a single State FFA Degree charm or American FFA Degree key should be worn above the name or attached to a standard key chain. No more than three medals should be worn on the jacket. These should represent the highest degree earned, the highest office held and the highest award earned by the member.


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