Honorary Degress
We have tried to research this area to the best of our knowledge, and this is what we have been able to find. If anyone knows of any others who should be listed here please contact us with the name and the year.
1963--Clarence Hillman
1964--Earl Dean
Del Gerlach
1965--Bob Kelton
Lee Stroup
1966--John Stiefvater
1967--Don Waugh
1968--Jim Garry
1969--Larry Nelson
1970--Ray Sandine
Ron Sandine
Gene Sandine
1971--Oliver Sandine
1972--John Giesler
1973--Jerry Kolbeck
1974--Earl McCullough
1975--Vearl Wahle
1976--Myron Tuschen
1978--Steve Weber
1979--Clyde Streff
1980--Cletus Heumiller
Bob Brown
Clarence Mader
1981--Duane Knebel
Ester McCullough
Freida Schmeichel
1982--MaryAnn Tuschen
1983--Dale Weber
1985--Dean Doss
Dean Koch
1986--Eric Erickson
Gary Williams
1987--Ron Ecklein
1988--Ellsworth (Ajax) Hansen
Jim Muller
1989--Jeff Tuschen
Gary Sherman
1990--Terry Nebelsick
Jim McGregor
1991--TJ Forster
Ed Gray
1992--Kurt Stiefvater
Duane VanEmmerik
1993--Robert Matthaei
1994--Lyle Puthoff
1995--Calvin & Glorius Heitzman
1996--Jo Mcgregor
Jim Koch
1997--Bob Eich
Dennis VanOverschelde
1998--Ron Bennett
Fred Butzke
1999--Karen Streff
Shirley Koepsell
2000--Charlie Gregg
Norman & Mary Rae Peterson
Merlin & Collette Schock
Mike and Michele Eichacker
2001--Bill Eichacker
 Pat Rieckman
Brenda Moerke
Richard & Loretta Lauck
2002-KC Gregg
Todd Marks
Clyde Sandine
Todd Tuschen
003- Dave Frendrich
Brad Schock
2004-Sarah VanDerVliet
Mike and Joanne Schock
2005-Robert Deters
Kevin Erikson
2006-Karen Fendrich
Craig and Glenda Blindert
2007-Jerry Eichacker
David Eichacker
2008-Mark Palmquist
Carol Pistulka
2009-Maureen Wobig
Jenni Heumiller
2010-Jim Giesler
Kevin Spaans
2011-Brad Seamer
Deanna Knudsen



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