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Our Chapter was one of the first three chapters chartered in South Dakota in 1928. It closed during the war and was re-chartered in 1948.

On our history page we are trying to recognize past members accomplishments from our chapter. While we do not have all the information we have tried to be as complete as possible.


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1986--Brad Hillman, Diversified Livestock-Gold, Mike Stiefvater, Poultry-Bronze

1987--Tom Randall, Swine-Silver, Brian Nelson, Ag. Sales & Service-Silver

1989--Roy Reif, Farm Placement-Silver, Cody Hensly, Outdoor Recreation-Gold, Brian Schock, Specialty Crop-Bronze

1990--Mark Lauck, Dairy-Gold, Thor Johnson, Farm Placement-Silver

1991--Mark Lauck, Fruit & Vegetable-Silver, John Pulse, Ag. Electrification-Bronze, Tim Matthaei, Specialty Crop-Bronze

1992--Fred Butzke, Soil & Water-Bronze, Scott Huls, Feed Grain-Silver, Tim Matthaei, Fruit & Vegetable-Gold

1993--Kay Lauck, Dairy-Silver, Mike Timmerman, Ag. Mechanics-Bronze, Garron Williams, Home & Farmstead Imp.-Bronze, Perry Pearson, Soil & Water-Bronze

1994--Shane McGregor, Specialty Crop-Bronze, Jeremy McGregor, Dairy Production-National Finalist

1995--Dean VanEmmerik, Ag. Mech-Silver, Shane McGregor, Forage-Gold, Chris Feterl, Swine-Silver, Ben Roling, Oil Crop-National Finalist

1996--Mike Heumiller, Wildlife Management-Gold, Brian VanEmmerik, Ag.Mech-Bronze, Ben Roling-Dvrs Crop Production-National Finalist, Shane McGregor, Dairy Production-National Finalist, KC Gregg, Beef Placement-National Winner

1997--Chad Lauck, Ag. Mech-Bronze, Marc Tuschen, Ag. Processing-Silver, Adam Lauck, Dairy Production-Gold, Lee Osterberg, Dairy Placement-Silver, Scott Peterson, Feed Grain Plac-Silver, Barry Jacobson, Home & Community Imp.-Silver, Mike Schock, Oil Crop Plac.-National Finalist, Brock Streff, Swine Plac.-National Finalist

1998--Bruce Sabers, Beef Plac-Silver, Craig Heumiller, Wildlife Management-Silver, Brock Streff, Dvrs. Livestock plac.-Gold, Paul Roling, Feed Grain Plac.-National Finalist, Melissa Streff, Dvrs. Livestock Prod-National Finalist, Scott Peterson, Oil Crop Plac.-National Finalist, Matt DeMent, Dairy Plac.-National Finalist, Nick Streff, Swine Plac.-National Winner

1999--Nick Streff, Dvrs.Lvk. Placement-Gold, Alison Gottlob, Swine Production-Gold, Scott Peterson, Dvrs. Crop Placement-Gold, Kim Rieckman, Emerging Ag. Technology-Silver, Tyler McGregor, Dairy Production-Silver, Jeremy Pulse, Wildlife Management Placement-Silver, Mike Schock, Oil Crop Plac-Silver

2000-Scott Peterson- Swine Placement-National Finalist, Kent Peterson-Feed Grain Placement-National Winner, Ali Gottlob-Food Science and Technology-Silver, Katie Huls- Floriculture-Gold, Brad Schock-Diversified Lvk. Placement-Gold, Kim Rieckman- Ag. Communications-National Finalist,  Tom Chase- Oil Crop Placement-Gold, Jessica Mehlbrech-Equine Production-Gold, Jeremy Pulse-Wildlife Management Entrepreneurship-National Finalist, Melissa Eichacker-Specialty Animal Production-National Finalist, Brian Kuhl-Dairy Production-Silver. 

2001-Brad Bies-Ag. Communications-Silver, Brad Gessner-Ag. Mechanics Design & Fabrication-Bronze, Kristin Kuhl-Dairy Cattle Entrepreneurship-Gold, Mike Gottlob-Diversified Ag. Production-Silver, Ryan VanEmmerik-Diversified Crop Entrepreneurship-Silver, Jeremy White-Diversified Livestock Placement-Gold, Josh Tuschen-Forage Production-Gold, Joey Rotert-Forest Management & Products-Silver, Tom Chase-Grain Production Placement-Gold, Sandi Shape-Home/Community Development-National Winner, Kyle Myren-Turf & Grass Management-Gold

2002-Zach Anderson-Swine Entrepreneurship-Gold, Brad Bies-Home &/or Community Development-Silver, Jarad Deters-Diversified Agriculture-Silver, Brad Gessner-Agricultural Sales-Gold,  Mike Gottlob-Beef Entrepreneurship-National Finalist, Doug Koch-Oil/Fiber Crop-Silver, Kristin Kuhl-Dairy Placement-National Winner, Kyle Myren-Diversified Horticulture Entrepreneurship-Gold,  Mike Oyen-Wildlife Placement-Silver, Josh Pulse-Wildlife Entrepreneurship-Gold, Josh Tuschen-Grain Placement-Gold

2003-Brandi Casanova-Ag Sales Placement-Silver, Jenni Schock-Dairy Placement-Gold, Zach Anderson-Diversified Ag Production-Silver, Drew Peterson-Diversified Crop Production Placement-Gold, Josh Tuschen-Diversified Livestock Placement-Gold, Mike Gottlob-Forage Production-Gold, Mindy Rayman-Home and/or Community Development-Gold, Ashley Streff-Small Animal Production-Gold, Josh Blindert-Swine Placement-National Finalist, Nick Schmeichel- Wildlife Management Placement-Gold.

2004-Jena Rabenhorst-Ag. Communications-Silver, Dairy Placement-Darrin Eichacker-Gold, Diversified Crop Production-Zachary Anderson-Gold, Diversified Horticulture Entrepreurship-Eliott Myren-Bronze, Diversified Livestock Placement-Josh Blindert-Gold,  Environmental Science-Drew Peterson-Silver, Equine Science Entrepreneurship-Kelly Wubben-Gold,  Grain Production Placement-Dan Palmquist-Silver,  Swine Placement-Ashley Streff--National Winnerz,   H.O. Sargeant Award-Molly Fendrich--National Finalist.

2005-Duane Pulse-Ag. Mech Energy Systems(National Finalist); Kelli Matthies-Ag. Sales-Bronze; Lori Rotert-Ag. Services-Silver; Dan Palmquist-Diversified Crops Placement-Silver; Devin Myren-Diversified Horticulture Entrepreneurship(National Finalist); Ashley Streff-Diversified Livestock Placement(National Finalist); Jennifer Wubben-Equine Science Entrepreneurship-Gold; Kerry Roling-Food Science Technology-Gold; Jordan Krueger-Grain Production entrepreneurship-Silver; Drew Peterson-Grain Production Placement(Natioanl Finalist); Eliott Myren-Turf Grass entrepreneurship-Gold; Lisa Chase-Vegetable Production_Silver; Jason Sieverding-Wildlife Production and Management Entrepreneurship_Silver; Jennifer Wubben-H.0. Sargeant

2006-Jennifer Wubben-Ag. Education-Gold,  Zach Blindert-Ag. Mech Design and Fabrication-Silver,  Dan Palmquist-Diversified Agriculture (National Winner),  Brian Gottlob-Diversified Crop Placement-Silver,  Seth McGregor-Diversified Livestock Placement-Bronze,  Kyle Zulk-Fiber/Oil Crop-Silver,  Audrey Schroeder-Floriculture-Silver,  Lisa Jacobson-Food Science-Silver,  Jordan Krueger-Grain Production Placement-Gold,   Molly Fendrich-Home and/or Community Improvement-Gold,  Lisa Chase-Landscape Management-Silver.

2007-Amy Giesler-Ag Communications-Silver, Tandi Shape-Ag. Processing-Participant, Matt Rieckman-Aquaculture-Bronze, TJ Amdahl-Beef Placement-National Finalist, Jacob Johnson-Dairy Placement-Gold, Jordan Krueger-Diversified Agriculture-Gold, Ryan Zelmer-Diversified Crop Placement-Silver,  Lauren Eichacker-Diversified Livestock Entrepreneurship-Silver, Maria Skoglund-Diversified Livestock Placement-Silver, Brian Gottlob-Fiber and/or Oil Crop-Gold, Ryan DeMent-National Finalist, Kyle Zulk-Grain Placement-National Winner, Audrey Schroeder-Nursery Operations-Gold, Becca Knox-Outdoor Recreation-National Finalist, Devin Myren-Turf Grass Management-National Finalist.

2008-Dustin Palmquist-Agriculture Services entrepreneurship-Silver, Ryan DeMent-Diversified Agriculture-Silver, Jordan Krueger-Diversified Crop entrepreneurship-National Winner,, Kyle Zulk-Diversified Crop Placement-Gold, Brian Gottlob-Diversified Livestock Placement-National Finalist, Becca Knox-Equine Science Placement-Gold, Paul Westhoff-Grain Production Placement-National Winner, Maria Skoglund-Home and/or Community Development-Gold, Angela Hanson-Nursery Operations Placement-Silver, Landon Peterson-Swine Placement-National Finalist, Scott Hoiten-Wildlife Production Placement-National Finalist, Zach Hansen-Wildlife Entrepreneurship-National Finalist.   


2009-Maria Soglund-Agricultural Education- National Finalist, Taylor Osterberg-Ag. Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Placement-Silver, Ben Scheier-Agricultural Sales Placement-Gold, Paul Westhoff-Diversified Agriculture Production-Gold, Carl Wobig-Diversified Horticulture-Gold, Mark Huls-Diversified Livestock Placement-Silver, Angela Hanson-Floriculture-Gold, Dustin Palmquist-Forage Production-Silver, Brian Gottlob-Grain Production Placement-Gold, Jordan Heumiller-Nursery Operations-Silver, Scott Hoiten-Outdoor Recreation-National Winner, Zach Hansen-Swine Placement-National Finalist, Courtnee Spaans-Wildlife Placement-Gold.

2010-Jody Hoiten-Agricultural Communications-Silver, Taylor Osterberg-Ag. Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Entr.-National Finalist, Darin Schroeder-Ag. Mechanics Design and Fabrication-Gold, Dustin Palmquist-Diversified Agriculture-Gold, Matt Nelson-Diversified Crop Placement-Gold, Angela Hanson-Diversified Horticulture-National Finalist, Jay Huls-Diversified Livestock Placement-Silver, Courtnee Spaans-Equine Entr.-Silver, Mark Huls-Forage Production-Gold, Erik Anderson-Grain Production Placement-National Finalist, Jesse Knox-Outdoor Recreation-National Finalist, Dexter Wobig-Swine ProductionEnt -Silver, Bryce Rabenhorst-Swine Placement-Silver, Beau Bartscher-Turf Grass Management-Gold, Marshall Spaans-Wildlife Management-Gold.

2011-Cody Hansen-Ag. Mechanics Design and Fabrication-National Finalist, Victor Tuschen-Ag Services-Gold, Zach Heumiller-Beef Production Placement-Gold, Mark Huls-Diversified Agriculture-National Finalist, Erik Anderson-Diversified Crop Placement-National Finalist, Jordan Heumiller-Diversified Horticulture-Gold, Jean Skoglund-Diversified Livestock Placement-Gold, Adam Fendrich-Environmental Science-Silver, Taylor Osterberg-Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production-National Winner, Shelby Schrank-Floriculture-Bronze, Jay Huls-Forage Production-Silver, Matt Eichacker-Grain Production Entr.-National Finalist, Clayton Wobig-Grain Production Placement-National Finalist, Tonya Ernster-Home and/or Community-Silver, Marshall Spaans-Turf Grass Management-National Finalist.

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1936-Ervin Olson, State 2nd Vice President

1997-Barry Jacobson, State Secretary

2001-Brad Bies, State Sentinel

2005-Molly Fendrich, State Reporter

2008-Brian Gottlob, President & Maria Skoglund, Sentinel

2010-Brittany Gassman, Vice-President

1974-Dan Streff, District Treasurer

1985-Tom Randall, District III Treasurer, & Greg Eichacker, District III Sentinel

1988-Clyde Sandine, District Sentinel

1993-Shane McGregor, District Sentinel

1994-Shane McGregor, District Vice-President & Pam Gutzler, District Treasurer

1995-Marc Tuschen, District Secretary

1996-Barry Jacobson, District Secretary & Marc Tuschen, District Sentinel

1997-Alison Gottlob, District Treasurer

1998-Alison Gottlob, District Reporter & Kim Rieckman, District Sentinel

1999-Jessica Mehlbrech, District Secretary

2000-Brad Bies, District Secretary

2001-Jenni Schock, District President

2002-Ashley Streff, District Treasurer

2003-Ashley Streff, District Secretary & Jena Rabenhorst, District Sentinel

2004- Molly Fendrich, District President &  Jennifer Wubben District St. Advisor

2006- Jordan Krueger, District Vice-President

2007-Maria Skoglund, District President & Brian Gottlob, District Vice President

2008-Beau McGregor, Sentinel

2009- Brittany Gassman, Vice-President & Tonya Ernster, Treasurer

2010-Shelby Schrank, Vice-President & Beth Mayrose-Secretary

2011-Beth Mayrose, President & Jean Skoglund, Secretary

2012-Jean Skoglund, President & Kelsi Kampshoff, St. Advisor


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